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An image of Mandala's owner, Lindsey Krotz, dressed in a white jumpsuit, standing in a field of wildflowers. She is wearing glasses.

Lindsey Krotz


Lic. oo5070 and 074053

Our Philosophy

it all

It was during high school that Lindsey first discovered her love for alternative methods for relaxation and wellness, which inspired her to move toward Massage Therapy as a career. After completing  the MT program, she went on to pursue skin therapy (Esthetics). Lindsey is a Capri College graduate (2008-MT 2014-EST). In Esthetics, she graduated with almost 800 hours (Iowa requirement of 720). She made it her mission to become the first and only SugarLove practitioner in all of Iowa, along with her certifications with VXN Wellness (Formerly Color Up).

"Mandala offers a variety of services: from bodywork therapies, to sugaring, organic facial services, to make-up artistry. In our industry, I have furthered my education in plant wellness, Thai bodywork, organic cold sugaring, Myofascial/ triggerpoint, Hatha yoga, LED and microcurrent therapy. No one body is alike, so our work is tailored to each client as we work toward wellness goals. Our general philosophy is to help clients increase their own awareness above all, but also to work to educate the client while working toward the same goal."


 The mandala symbol is one of understanding and transcendentalism. From Native American practice to Eastern Asia, these symbols were utilized for hundreds of years and have vast meaning and cultural significance.  Sketching them for hours at a time as a kid, she never quite knew why. She was drawn to the completion of shapes surrounding a central feeling or thought. Her Freshman year of high school, she finally found someone with an experience like hers. His name was Carl Jung, one of the fathers of modern Psychology.  As it turned out, mandalas can represent the inner self, the tie with inner consciousness and the way we work through difficult or intense periods of growth.

"It was so intriguing for me, to recognize those periods of when I was sketching, to the moments when things drastically changed in my life."

Being a constant tool in her life, she also felt to be  an appropriate name for her personal professional journey.



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