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The Art of Effective and painless hair removal

Organic sugaring, wax, mandala, lindsey krotz, hair removal

At Mandala, we offer Organic Cold sugaring.  This method is great for all skin types and conditions, which makes it an obvious choice for premium hair removal. As professional skincare therapists, it is a goal to do everything to care for the delicate layers of the epidermis. Sugaring is gentle and conditions the skin, rather than stripping the barrier each time. Waxing simply does not compete in terms of skin health.

We are the first spa certified in Iowa using this method and product line with over ten years of experience. Let us introduce you to sweeter hair removal!

Benefits of Cold Sugar

sugaring, hair removal, waxing, jessa, mandala, lindsey krotz, esthetics

-Virtually painless hair removal

-Exfoliates the skin for flawless results

-Gentle, great for all skin and hair types



-Sugar is applied at body temperature

-With proper maintenance and care, clients can achieve major reduction in unwanted hair.

*Please review the linked documents prior to your appointment.

Before Sugaring

After Sugaring


The results speak for themselves. Come and see us at Mandala for all of your sugaring needs!

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